2018 United Nations List of Protected Areas of Haiti

Information extracted from the July 2018 WDPA release

This list was compiled from data based on the July 2018 version of the WDPA. In addition to protected areas with spatial data in the WDPA, the 2018 version of the UN List includes sites for which no spatial data is available but which have been provided by the relevant country. Management effectiveness information is extracted from GD-PAME. Both databases are updated and released via www.protectedplanet.net on a monthly basis. The depiction and use of boundaries and related data shown on maps are not guaranteed to be error free nor do they necessarily imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.
Designation Type/ Designation in English / Name of Protected Areas Status Year of designation Area (km2) IUCN category PAME methodology Year of PAME assessment
Natural National Park
Fort Jacques and Fort Alexandre Designated 1968 0.09 Not Reported Not Reported 0
Fort Mercredi Designated 1968 0.05 V Not Reported 0
La Citadelle, Sans Souci, Ramiers Designated 1968 25.28 V Not Reported 0
La Visite Designated 1983 114.34 II METT 2009
Lac de Peligre Designated 1968 292.89 V Not Reported 0
Parc Macaya Designated 1983 99.02 II METT 2009
Sources Chaudes Designated 1968 0.20 V Not Reported 0
Sources Puantes Designated 1968 0.10 V Not Reported 0